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Westland Family Care, LLC 


Westland Family Care, LLC  

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The clinical pharmacist plays a very crucial role in assisting the patients with medication therapy management. 

Her role includes:

  • Educating the patient about medications and chronic illnesses.
  • Informing the patient about how the medicine should help and explain the possible side effects in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Instruction and demonstration for proper use of medication devices such as inhalers and insulin pens.
  • Reconciling medications from other providers and ensuring all medicines are correct and safe to take together.
  • Sending suggestions to the physician regarding medication and dose changes when the patient is experiencing side effects. ​
  • Helping the patient find more affordable medication choices and assisting eligible patients with financial assistance forms.

Prior to your scheduled appointment please collect all your medications (both prescribed, supplements and over the counter) and bring them with you. We will help you organize and discard expired or cancelled medication.